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Accountants work too much, study warns

Accountants are putting in too much overtime, with one in 10 working seven days a week

Almost half of accountants (45.7%) put in more than 13 extra days of work a year, while two-thirds said they worked more hours than their contracts required, according to data from CV Library.

When asked, 57.4% said they believed the traditional 9-to-5 working day had become antiquated.

“It’s become clear from the data that accountants are putting in too much overtime,” CV Library managing director Lee Biggins said.

“Being overworked can lead to burnout, as well as having many other negative implications for the wellbeing of workers.”

Biggins cited technology as a possible factor affecting accountants’ ability to balance work and personal time, despite it being good for flexible working.

The study also addressed the potential for shorter working hours, as 72.2% of accounting professionals said a four-day working week would be beneficial.

Originally published in Economia on 28 September 2017.