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Economic Crime

Economic crime is causing increasing disruption to every type of organisation, from established businesses to charities and public sector bodies. The frequency of attacks is rising, and criminals are becoming more sophisticated, supported by advances in technology. In these articles and videos, we explore the latest trends and perspectives on economic crime from around the world, and look at how chartered accountants can help prevent it happening.


Tackling corporate fraud in the Middle East


We speak to Zafar Anjum, founder and chief executive of CRI Group, about the rising levels of fraud during the pandemic, and how his company is using AI to investigate wrongdoing.

The CFO who tried to trick the market


Manipulation of a company’s financial position can be difficult to prevent when carried out by a senior staff member. Chartered accountants are well placed to help organisations assess whether controls are sufficiently robust to detect and deter fraudulent behaviour.

The cyber threat to local government


Every senior manager and leader needs to understand cybersecurity, writes Councillor Peter Fleming, Chairman, Improvement and Innovation Board at the Local Government Association.

Fighting fraud with AI


The UK financial services sector is examining ways to improve economic crime detection processes, in particular through the use of artificial intelligence. This comes with a number of benefits and challenges, explains UK Finance chair Robert Wigley.

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