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CJRS calculator and latest guidance from HMRC

20 April: As the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) opens, HMRC launches its calculator tool to help businesses work out how much they can apply for. See a link here alongside a list of the latest guidance from HMRC.

Ahead of the CJRS portal opening today, HMRC launched its calculator tool to help firms identify the level of grant they are entitled too through the scheme.

HMRC confirms the calculator is aimed at organisations with a ‘small number of employees’ and will help them to work out the figures they will need to complete an online CJRS.

The calculator comes three days after HMRC issued a wave of guidance. Alongside updates to its key guidance for employers and employees, HMRC published specific information to help employers work out how much they could claim and a downloadable step-by-step guide that outlines: what to consider before making a claim, how to calculate a claim, how to make a claim and what to do afterwards.

HMRC also provided ICAEW with details on how agents can be authorised to make claims on behalf of their clients.

HMRC guidance for employers:

HMRC guidance for employees