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Free Excel training for ACA students

Your ACA students can now join the Excel Community, free of charge. This membership includes access to Students' Excel, an online free training course designed specifically for ACA students by online training specialists, Filtered.

Designed for your students

  • The content has been customised to teach functions and formulae which are crucial in the accounting and finance sector,
  • The training is delivered in bite-size chunks, designed for students of all abilities; and
  • It helps them to learn new skills, some of which are linked to ICAEW’s professional development ladders.

So far, nearly 1,200 ACA students have signed up to the Excel Community – with some employers signing up entire cohorts. The programme has proved a huge success, with the average engaged student spending around 3 hours training and moving from an Excel IQ level of "Beginner" to "Competent".

Find out more about the programme today at icaew.com/students-excel

Overview of FILTERED - for individuals

The people behind the programme

Filtered is an online education platform which customises learning material for each user. Their patent pending algorithm enables the programme to strip out anything that isn't essential - or that the user already knows. This leaves students with a unique syllabus – leading to accelerated learning, minimised training time and increased return on investment.

Excel Community benefits

As an Excel Community member your student will benefit from practical advice and guidance from our panel of industry experts. They will be able to access video tutorials, text and practice exercises 27/4, search when they're stuck to navigate straight to training on a specific skill and obtain your personal Excel IQ score before and after training.

To access the Excel Community and Excel Online Training, students need to subscribe to Faculties Online here. Students' Excel is free training for anyone studying the ACA qualification from ICAEW. This training is not part of the ACA qualification.

Please note: if your trainees were previously registered with the Excel Community, their current membership will have now ended. A new Excel online training platform was also launched in April, and your trainees will have until June to complete any current training. To continue to receive this Excel support free of change, trainees must simply subscribe to Faculties Online.