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Why ICAEW and the ACA qualification

Find out in what ways ICAEW, and the ACA qualification, will support you and your business.

We develop and support over 181,500 chartered accountants and students worldwide, ensuring they have the skills your business needs today and in the future. These are developed through the ACA, the ICAEW qualification.

When it comes to your team and your business, you naturally want the highest quality training. So how will ICAEW and the ACA qualification help you achieve your goals? 


  • We have a large network, and you will have access to it – we are part of the Chartered Accountants worldwide, providing you and your team with even more global opportunities and expertise.
  • We provide life-long support – we will work with you to find a suitable training option, help you get set up, and support you and your trainees whilst they're studying for the ACA. Once qualified, the ICAEW Chartered Accountants in your organisation will keep developing their skills and growing your business, thanks to the numerous benefits available to ICAEW members.
  • High first-time pass rates – thanks to a great network of tuition providers, and a strong syllabus, almost 80% of ACA students pass on their first attempt across all exams - this means fewer resits and a shorter training time.
  • We are trusted by the FTSE 100 companies – 83 of them have an ICAEW Chartered Accountant on their board. 

Why the ACA qualification?

  • Breadth and depth of the ACA – the ACA is one of the most advanced learning and professional development programmes, enabling your employees to advise on the bigger picture and take a holistic view of business issues and decisions.
  • Continuously evolving – we review the ACA syllabus frequently, to ensure that it not only provides trainees with the skills to meet the challenges of today, but equally prepares them to anticipate and prepare for future changes.
  • High-level business skills – Ethics, technology and identification of risk are embedded throughout the qualification providing students with the knowledge and understanding that your business needs now and in the future, helping with your succession planning. 
  • Suitable for and adaptable to any sector - the ACA is designed to suit Management and Commercial Accounting, as much as those in a financial and assurance environment.

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