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Forensic Accountant Accreditation FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Forensic Accountant Accreditation.

This scheme was closed in 2016. A list of those formerly on the register has however been retained.

Who was the scheme for?

What was the nature of the scheme?

This was a voluntary scheme where those who undertook forensic accounting activities were able, until 2016, to obtain accreditation based on the quality and depth of experience gained in this area.

The register

What is the register?

The ICAEW forensic accountant accreditation register identifies individuals who previously met the relevant criteria associated with the accreditation application process before the closure of the scheme in 2016.

Where has the register been held?

Despite closure of the scheme, the register remains open for public access and is available on our website. All individuals included on this list successfully completed the relevant Examination of Experience prior to the closure of the scheme in 2016.

How has the register been kept up-to-date?

The register has not been updated since its closure. Those shown on the register are not annually verified and there may be others not on this list that currently are of equal ability in forensic accounting.