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FAQs: IFRSs learning programme

Frequently asked questions about our IFRSs programme.

General enquiries

Who is the programme designed for?

The programme is suitable for all who use or prepare financial statements. There are no entry requirements for the programme.

Do I need a specific qualification to study the programme?

There are no entry requirements for the IFRSs learning and assessment programme.

How much does the programme cost?

IFRSs learning and assessment programme

  • £450 +  VAT (includes online learning materials and online assessment).
  • 30% discount for ICAEW members and current ACA students.
  • Discounts on multiple purchases are also available and will automatically be applied.

Prices are in GBP sterling.

Do I qualify for a discount?

IFRSs learning and assessment programme

  • ICAEW members, current ACA students and Financial Reporting Faculty members receive a 30% discount.

To activate a discount you will need to log into the ICAEW learning shop with your member number or student registration number. Discounts on multiple purchases are available.

Where can I order the programme?

You can order the IFRSs learning and assessment programme via the learning shop

How long will the programme take me to complete?

On average, we recommend 70 hours for the programme. Study time may vary depending on your level of prior knowledge and experience.

How will I learn?

When you purchase the IFRSs learning and assessment programme you will be sent your log in details to access the interactive online learning environment.

How do I access the interactive online learning materials?

Full instructions will be emailed to you once you have placed your order.

What system requirements do I need to access the programme?

The programme can be accessed via a desktop or tablet. Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

Can I study for the IFRSs learning programme outside the UK?

Yes the programme is available worldwide either as online self-learning in English or via a Partner in Learning.

How does the programme add to the knowledge that I would gain by only studying the standards?

The programme gives an overview of the international standards in a user-friendly way. It takes take the accounting-speak out of the standards and puts them into general business language. The programme also includes examples and extracts to ensure maximum understanding of the standards.

Is the programme endorsed by the IASB?
The IASB is aware that a number of educational institutions and professional accountancy organisations are offering courses on IFRS. The IASB does not review the content of such courses, and is not able to recommend courses, or to comment on the quality of any courses offered.
Are credits awarded for prior learning?

There are no credits for prior learning available for the IFRSs learning and assessment programme.

What can I do to keep up to date with financial reporting once I have completed the programme?

The ICAEW Financial Reporting Faculty offers insight into policy issues and provides a strong, flexible network of knowledge and support through regular online factsheet, e-bulletins, its standards tracker and exclusive online forum.

Keep up to date by subscribing today icaew.com/frf.

ICAEW also offers virtual classroom courses including IFRS, FRS 102 and US GAAP updates.

Online assessment

How do I access the assessment?
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The assessment is located within the interactive online learning environment. It is available using any computer capable of accessing the internet, so it can be taken any time, anywhere.
Is each assessment different?
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Yes. The assessments use a bank of many hundreds of questions which are selected at random in relation to the standards.

How can I practise for the assessment?
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After each learning module you can undertake a module test, this will help you prepare for the final assessment.
When will I receive my results?
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Once you submit your answers, your assessment result will appear immediately.
Is there a formal certificate or certificate of completion?
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When you pass the online assessment, you can download and print your certificate immediately, this demonstrates successful completion of the programme.
What is the assessment format?

The assessment has 60 multiple choice questions which must be completed with 120 minutes. The pass mark is 60%.