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ICAEW Global Employer Conference

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ICAEW’s inaugural global employer conference took place on 25 – 27 May 2021, covering a range of topics impacting employers, with guidance, top tips and much more. Watch the videos of each session on demand.

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Introduction from Sharon Spice

Sharon Spice, Director of Global Student Recruitment, introduces the ICAEW Global Employer Conference and welcomes attendees.

Opening address from ICAEW's Chief Executive

ICAEW's Chief Executive, Michael Izza, discusses: The importance of the profession in leading the way on tackling climate change and making businesses more sustainable; ICAEW's support for the Sustainable Development Goals, and the economic as well as environmental benefits involved; Digital transformation and ensuring the profession remains relevant and equipped with the right skills, and maintaining public trust.

Does data visualisation mean we are all storytellers now?

Finance teams are increasingly expected to demonstrate value outside of their own bubble but communicating with other parts of the business that may not be as financially literate is often not that simple. Is your team set up to use all the tools at their disposal to deliver digestible and valuable data-led insights in a coherent and compelling way?

Sustainability for employers

Challenges like climate change not only impact a business’s finances, operations and reporting requirements but can present unique opportunities to engage staff and attract talent. Leadership on sustainability is quickly becoming a hygiene factor for those entering the workplace. Hear perspectives from different organisations on how they are managing the sustainability challenge.

Tackling fraud – how are businesses experiencing fraud in the wake of Covid-19? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it new and emerging fraud threats, as criminals seek opportunities brought about by remote working and online interactions. As businesses are often the target, this session will address ways in which finance teams may come across these frauds and how to develop effective processes to help protect themselves from this growing crime. 

The Covid Cohort - how has the pandemic impacted skills development and recruitment trends?

How have ACA and CFAB students been coping during the pandemic? What skills are increasingly in demand from employers right now as a result of the disruption caused by Covid-19? How has recruitment been affected globally? Hear from a student, an employer and a global recruitment agency as they offer their views on how businesses and students have been affected by the pandemic. 

ACA update: What's new in 2021?

Hear from three ICAEW colleagues about the recent changes to our qualifications, including our unique new exam platform, remote invigilation, our advanced data analytics software and our brand-new digital learning materials.  

What a successful recruitment and training programme looks like from a global perspective

Hear from four employers on how their recruitment programmes have gone from strength to strength. What are the requirements for success in terms of identifying top talent? What is involved at the different recruitment stages? And what is needed in terms of internal infrastructure when it comes to onboarding?

What benefits are available to Authorised Training Employers and students?

Join ICAEW’s Business Development Managers as they discuss what support and benefits are available to authorised training employers, including recruitment support, student inductions and more. In addition, find out more about how to advertise your job vacancies on ICAEW Training Vacancies, the Available Student Register, and ICAEW Jobs. 

CABA - Wellbeing for you and your students

In this session, CABA guides us through how they support ACA trainees by working with ICAEW employers, tuition providers and tutor groups. In addition to CABA's wide range of support services, they also offer a range of free online resources which include webinars and practical advice-led content that can be shared with your wider staffing teams. 

How can employers best respond to the changes in the apprentice and graduate recruitment market caused by Covid-19? 

Using insights from 80,000 school and university students across the UK, Cibyl, a market research consultancy, provide an overview of career aspirations and decision making of UK and international students. Discover more about students’ career aspirations, influences and expectations. 

5 things Gen Z want you to stop doing right now! 

Struggling to connect with Gen Z, particularly in the recruitment process? We have reached out to students to find out five things to avoid when recruiting graduates. Hear from Gen Z themselves what they really think about your recruitment processes.

How to have an inclusive recruitment process - learnings from businesses that have worked on diversity

Hear from two different employers who have implemented inclusive recruitment processes in their business and the impact this has had on diversity. This session also explores conscious and unconscious bias and assessing potential and contextual recruitment.

Mental health in the workplace

How do you ensure your employees' health and mental wellbeing is prioritised? Do you have the tools at your disposal to help them on a practical and emotional level? Hear from three employers on how they are implementing wellbeing programmes for their staff. 


What will the future of the workplace look like in a post-Covid world?

What have been the biggest organisational challenges and positives brought about by COVID-19? Will traditional business models have to change for good and if so, what will this look like? How can you continue to support your employees in a blended working environment? Hear from employers on the lessons they will be taking forward from the pandemic.

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