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Become an ICAEW Partner in Learning - Certificate in Insolvency

ICAEW recognises the support you give to your students in helping them through their studies as a tuition provider. Professional education providers offering tuition for ICAEW qualifications can apply to join the Partner in Learning scheme. Admission to the scheme is free.

The ICAEW Partner in Learning scheme recognises the shared relationship and mutual interest that we hold in the education of students for ICAEW qualifications.

Applying for Partner in Learning status

Partner in Learning status is awarded to organisations who can demonstrate their commitment to the core principles, which ensure consistency in the quality of tuition provision for ICAEW qualifications around the world. The core principles and best practice indicators may vary depending on the qualification offered by the organisation. 

Please note that an application should be completed for each tuition centre of your organisation. The ICAEW will review a random sample of centres on an annual basis to ensure the core principles are being maintained, and in the interest of helping your organisation to meet best practice guidelines.

Recognised Partners in Learning can benefit from the following:

  • Use of the 'Partner in Learning' logo on classroom and marketing materials.
  • Invitations to tutor conferences and events.
  • Tutor newsletters and alerts.
  • Access to the tutor area of the ICAEW website.
  • If your organisation meets the core principles (detailed in the application pack) and is happy to demonstrate its commitment to these principles during a supportive visit from the ICAEW Learning Team