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Credit for prior learning accreditation

We award credit for prior learning (CPL) to higher education institutions (HEIs) that can demonstrate that they meet our learning outcomes for one or more of our ACA modules within their programmes.

This means that your students can gain recognition for their HEI programme and exemption from one or more of our ACA assessments. The award of CPL will enable your students to know which of your modules they need to complete in order to maximise the number of exemptions available to them.

The award of CPL will allow you to join our Partner in Learning scheme.

Applying for CPL

To learn more about how we award CPL to HEI programmes and how to apply, download our CPL brochure.

As part of the application process you will need to match your HEI programme(s) against our ACA module outcomes. Our syllabus and assessments can be accessed below.

To find out if any of your HEI programmes have already been awarded CPL, please check our CPL directory.


Qualification credits

ICAEW members are granted credit for prior learning with a number of institutes, associations and universities

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