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Credit profile and risk reports

The ICAEW Library & Information Service can provide reports on companies to assist with credit checking and the assessment of risk.

The reports include recommended credit limits, payment profiles, gazette data and other detrimental information. Each report includes Protect Scores which evaluate organisations against 49 indicators of credit risk based on in-depth analysis of corporate fraud cases.

What information is in a credit profile and risk report?

All reports include financial information and director information (ranging from basic information in the Snapshot report to more detail information in the Optima report). Further details can be obtained from the panel below.

Optima report - £25 plus VAT

Optima reports provide a fuller picture of the company’s directors and financials, along with an indication of the risk factors attached to any subsidiary companies. The Optima report includes the data in the Snapshot report, plus:

  • Group information

    Scorecheck grade for the group and for each subsidiary company (along with other key financial indicators)

  • County Court Judgments

    The report provides a table showing CCJs by year, making it easier to identify any patterns in this activity.

  • Gazette information

    The report provides a table showing gazetteable items by year.

  • Credit limit history

    Credit limits are provided for previous years, allowing you to observe any trends in the company’s creditworthiness

  • Search history

    A record of the number and frequency of searches on this company, which may give an insight into the company’s search for credit.

  • Extended financials and ratios
  • Mortgage details
  • Analysts comments

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Please note: The reports we provide do not include any information from credit communities, commercial insight or closed user groups such as CIFAS and you should ignore this section of the sample report.

Snapshot report - £12 plus VAT

Snapshot reports provide a basic overview of the company, highlighting the credit limit recommendation, credit risk and fraud scores (alongside a further selection of key information on the company). Includes:

  • County Court Judgments

    The report provides summary details of CCJs, including: case reference, court, date, amount, status and date satisfied. The number and value of unsatisfied CCJs can give a good insight into the behaviour of the company when paying its creditors.

  • Gazette or detrimental information

    Current gazette information is an indicator of serious problems that should be investigated further.

  • Payment profile

    The report includes details of creditor days, liquidity ratio and working capital. Figures for the industry average are provided for comparison.

  • Credit limit

    The report provides a suggested monthly credit limit.

  • Scorecheck

    The Scorecheck system provides a credit risk score from 0 to 100 based on the strength of the accounts, with 0 representing the highest risk.

  • Protect rating and score

    Protect codes highlight any potential indicators of credit risk, alongside an overall score which can indicate how risky the company is.

  • Key ratios

    A selection of key ratios that can be compared with other companies in the sector, including liquidity and debt ratios.

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Please note: The reports we provide do not include any information from credit communities, commercial insight or closed user groups such as CIFAS and you should ignore this section of the sample report.

Reports are also available on non-limited UK businesses and for companies located internationally. If you would like to obtain a report on a non-limited UK business or an international company please contact the enquiry team to check which reports are available and the costs involved. Please note, the content of non-limited UK business reports and European company reports will differ significantly from the reports for companies illustrated above.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, get help in identifying the materials that you need or have any difficulty in finding resources, please contact the enquiry team by phone on +44 (0)20 7920 8620 or by email at library@icaew.com and we will be pleased to help.

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