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Accounting Historians' Guide to London

London has played an important part in the history of accounting. The purpose of this brief guide by Professor R.H.Parker is to show clearly those places in and around the City of London which are of interest to accounting historians.

The emphasis is on the early English works on bookkeeping, surviving examples of early accounting records, the nineteenth century founding fathers of the English accountancy profession and the firms which descend from them.

The City of London has endured two great fires (1666 and 1940) and much rebuilding, not all of it to the highest architectural standards. As a result few of the original buildings remain and an effort of the imagination is required to envisage the environment of even early twentieth century accountants. A visit to the Museum of London (corner of London Wall and Aldersgate St.) should, however, make the task easier.

Last Revised 15th Nov. 1995.
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