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eBooks on environment and sustainability

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Building a resilient organisation

How to design your business strategy to build a prosperous and sustainable business. The book helps readers to understand resilience within organisations and how it can be measured, assessed and enhanced.

Companies limited by guarantee

A guide to the incorporation and structure of a company limited by guarantee (CLG) and the managerial and administrative functions. Includes information about newer types of entities that use the CLG structure such as community interest companies (CICs) and academy trusts.

Corpocracy: how CEOs and the business roundtable hijacked the world's greatest wealth machine - and how to get it back

The book argues that profit-driven corporate governance has had a negative effect on society. It makes a case for shareholder activism as a means of creating a culture of corporate social responsibility.

Corporate governance: a practical guide to the legal frameworks and international codes of practice

The book covers corporate governance in the English-speaking world, its application to different business sectors, duties of directors and the company secretary, the Combined Code and financial reporting, business risk management, internal control, audit, IT governance, and corporate social responsibility.

Creating value in a regulated world: CFO perspectives

The book is built around a series of interviews with top finance executives. It contains chapters on the current and future regulatory regimes, driving growth and innovation through financial management, business partnering, leveraging risk and regulation, and becoming a sustainable business.

Environmental accounting, sustainability and accountability

The book closely explores how organizations can embed care for the environment as fundamental to their functioning... [and] covers traditional accounting as a measuring instrument, contemporary advances and unresolved problems, alternative perspectives and recent developments.

Environmental reporting

Environmental reporting has become far more prominent in recent years due to increasing legislation and greater customer interest. This eBook focuses on environmental reporting requirements for UK organisations including the measurement of environmental impacts. It also covers voluntary reporting and likely future developments.

Essentials of business ethics: creating an organisation of high integrity and superior performance

The book contains chapters on the background of corporate ethics, hiring ethical people, codes of ethics and codes of conduct, ethical decision-making framework; business ethics training, and respecting employee diversity. It also covers best practice guidelines for sustaining strong business ethics, including reporting systems, performance appraisals, and social responsibility.

ICCA handbook of corporate social responsibility, The

Introduction to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its rationale. Includes detailed sections on incorporating good business ethics into a company's values, with real life case studies of CSR implementation.

Sustainable investing: the art of long-term performance

Sustainable investing is fast becoming the smart way of generating long-term returns. With conventional investors now scrambling to factor in issues such as climate change, business ethics and human rights, this book captures a turning point in the evolution of global finance. Bringing together leading practitioners of sustainable investing from across the globe, this book charts how this agenda has evolved, what impact it has today, and what prospects are emerging for the future.

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