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Support with your application

This page provides you with guidance and all the supporting material you need. You can also submit your application from this page

If you meet the full eligibility criteria and plan to submit a Pathways application, this page provides you with guidance and all the supporting material you need.

Important information

Please ensure you download and save to your desktop the application documents on this page.

In this section

Getting started - an overview of your submission journey:


The requirements:

Before you submit:

Your Interactive Guide

This guide shows you the whole Pathways journey - from preparing your application to submitting it - by the deadline. Simply download the guide, use the links to take you to the relevant pages and save it so you can keep track of your progress with the help of the interactive elements within the guide.

Registration Guide

Before you can submit your application, you will need to have registered as a Pathways candidate. This document helps guide you through the whole registration and submission process. 

Examination of Experience

Find out what examiners expect to see, have a look at the questions, read past example submissions, listen to the dedicated webinar and find the template you'll need to use for your submission.

The questions and templates

Read through the questions and use the supplied template to complete these.

How to approach the Examination of Experience - Part 2

This document provides guidance on how candidates should complete ‘Part 2 – Summary of Employment’ of the Examination of Experience.

Webinar and slides

Listen to the recording to understand how to respond to each question.

*Please note the updated fee information for submissions in 2020


Have a read through some examples that can help you reflect on your own experience.

Examiner guidance notes

This document is the ultimate guidance to a successful application. Written by our examiners, it includes tips on what to do and what to avoid, keywords they are looking for and in what way they expect you to respond to the questions to prove your knowledge

Sponsor Form

Once you have found the right sponsor for your application, they will need to complete and sign the below form.

Letter of Good Standing

Have a look at what your letter should include.

Your application checklist

Your completed application will need to include:

You will need to submit all your relevant documents in one go. The online exam system does not allow you to attach some documents and come back at a later time to complete your application. All documents need to be submitted at the same time.

You need to submit your completed application no later than 4pm (GMT) on the submission deadline day. Late or incomplete entries will not be processed. 

Top tips

Here are some top tips to help you submit a successful application:

  • Prepare early - Take a look at the Examination of Experience questions as early as possible
  • Use all the support - Make the most of the templates and guidance available to you
  • Be proactive – get all the documents together at least two weeks before the deadline
  • Don’t wait until the deadline to submit –it might take longer than expected and you might not have time to deal with any last-minute issues
  • Don't rush - Give yourself enough time to look things over and over

Submit your Pathways application

Ensure you have completed every step in the checklist. You will need to submit all of the relevant documents at the same time. You need your ICAEW student/candidate number to submit your application.


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