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Re-submissions - what's required?

Eligible candidates are entitled to a maximum of four attempts to pass the Pathways Examination of Experience – as long as Pathways remains open. Pathways remains open until further notice, but it is subject to review on an annual basis.

Who can re-submit?

If you have one or more Examination of Experience attempts remaining (and still meet all of the eligibility criteria), you are eligible to re-submit at the Examination of Experience. You are entitled to up to a maximum of four attempts to pass the Examination of Experience (while this route remains open).

Candidates who have attempts remaining from the previous Pathways scheme (ie, attempted the Examination of Experience at any point before 2017), can carry over their remaining attempts to the new Pathways scheme (as long as you meet the required criteria of the new Pathways scheme). As an example, if you failed twice at the previous Pathways Examination (ie, you failed at two of the available Examination of Experience opportunities before 2017), then you have a maximum of two attempts remaining at the new Pathways route. If you failed at the previous Pathways scheme three times, you now have just one attempt remaining at the new Pathways route before you reach your maximum four permitted attempts.

Who cannot re-submit?

You are not entitled to re-submit at the new Pathways scheme if:

  • you have already reached your maximum four permitted attempts to pass the Examination of Experience, or
  • you no longer meet the Pathways eligibility criteria.


What does a re-submission need to include?

Every time you re-submit, you will need to make a full re-submission and pay the exam admission fee. Please note that all items below including your supporting documents must be issued and dated within the three months before the relevant submission deadline date. Previously submitted references may be used, but only if they are re-signed and re-dated.

You will need to ensure that you still meet the eligibility criteria and that your re-submission is supported by a sponsor who meets all of the required sponsor criteria.

Please note that with the new online exam application system, you will need to submit all these documents in one go. If any items are missing, the system will not be able to accept your application. 

For each re-submission attempt, please provide:

  • Examination of Experience – Part 1: only submit the questions you have previously failed. You should follow the required template format as available behind the registration screen on the website.
  • Examination of Experience – Part 2: Summary of Employment. Please follow the required template format.
  • An up to date letter of good standing – this must be issued and dated within the three months prior to the date of the relevant Pathways submission deadline (please see eligibility criteria for what this needs to include). The letter must contain all of the information that is required to be recognised as a valid letter.
  • Sponsor form – signed and dated within the three months prior to the relevant submission deadline. Please be aware that your sponsor should still meet the sponsor eligibility criteria.
  • Sponsor letter of good standing – this must be issued and dated within the three months prior to the date of the relevant Pathways submission deadline. Please see sponsor requirements for what this letter. Please note: If your sponsor is an ICAEW member, they do NOT need to provide a letter of good standing as we will be able to check all the relevant details on their member record.
  • Any other relevant documents. 
  • Exam admission fee – this is payable each time you attempt the Examination of Experience. This is non-refundable, and is payable online only. Payment by BACS or invoice is therefore not possible. An application is not valid without this payment.

All the above must be submitted in one go with your re-submission. Unfortunately, the online exam application system does not allow you to attach a couple of documents on one day, then go back in to the system a few days later to attach everything else. Once you are in the online exam application system – you need to submit all your documents together at the same time.

Download the re-submission documents

Examiner feedback letter 

If you can’t remember which questions you have previously failed at the Examination of Experience, you can request a free copy of your previous Examiner Feedback letter. Email us with your name and candidate number at pathways@icaew.com.

Supporting documents

All supporting documentation and references need to be dated within three months of the submission deadline date to be deemed valid. Previously submitted references may be used, but only if they are re-signed and re-dated.

Late entries

Late or incomplete entries will not be processed. The submission deadline is 4pm (UK time) on the relevant re-submission dates shown above. To avoid disappointment therefore, we strongly recommend you to re-submit at least 7 days before the stated deadline.

Where do I send my re-submission?

Using your existing Pathways candidate number, you will need to submit your completed application through the online exam application system. All documents must be re-submitted at the same time. The system does not allow you to login on different days, or even different times on the same day, to complete your application. You need to re-submit all documents (and the exam admin payment) in one go. The exam admin fee is non-refundable and payable online only.

What happens next?

Exam results will be sent to you by email by 5pm (UK time) on exam results release date, so please ensure that ICAEW has up-to-date contact details for you at all times. If you are successful at passing the Pathways Examination of Experience, you will be invited to join ICAEW. You will then need to pay the required ICAEW admission and membership fees before you can use the ACA designation or refer to yourself as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant.