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Application process and getting started

This page guides you through the process of the Pathways scheme - from registering as a candidate to starting your application.

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Application process

Before getting started with your application, please have a look at what the application process looks like so you know what to expect.

You may also find the interactive guide helpful - taking you through the whole journey, with useful links to the website and interactive elements to help you keep track of your progress.

1. Check your eligibility

Before getting started with the Pathways scheme, we advise that you check whether you meet all the criteria.

2. Register as a candidate 

If you do meet the criteria, the next step is to register as a candidate. Registration is free, shows your interest in applying at a session and allows you to submit an application - however, it does not commit you to an application.

We advise that you register as a candidate at least a few days ahead of submitting an application to ensure our systems recognise you properly.

Do you already have an ICAEW student or member number?

Perhaps you have a number as an ICAEW General Affiliate, a student or holder of one of ICAEW's qualification, an ICAEW Faculty member etc?

If you do, then you MUST use your existing ICAEW student/candidate number to register for pathways. Please contact us if you want to check or have forgotten your ICAEW record number.

New to ICAEW?

If you have never previously applied for Pathways, or have never applied for any other ICAEW qualification or course, then you will need to register your details with ICAEW to get a candidate record number to start your application. If you are successful at passing Pathways, the name you use here will show on your ICAEW membership certificate. Once you have a number, please register for Pathways.

3. Complete the requirements

Have a look at what is involved in making a Pathways application and complete the different elements.

4. Use the available support

There are a number of documents and support materials to guide you through the process and help you towards a successful application. Please make sure you use these before submitting.

5. Submit your completed application

Have you completed all necessary elements? Then please visit the relevant page to submit your application.

Permitted attempts

All eligible applicants are entitled to a maximum of up to four attempts to pass – while the route remains open.

If you submitted an attempt under the previous Pathways scheme (ie, at any point before 2017), then any of your previous attempts will be counted as part of your maximum four attempt allowance. As an example, if you attempted the Examination of Experience three times before 2017, then you now only have one attempt remaining at this Pathways route before you reach the maximum of four attempts allowed.