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Planning your continuing professional development (CPD)

As a member, you are required to maintain and develop your knowledge and skills to remain up to date in your role. By renewing your membership, you are confirming your compliance with principal byelaw 56, which requires members to keep under review their needs for training and development in regard to professional work undertaken. Where a need for development is identified, members are required to take prompt action to address that need.

What activities count towards your CPD?

At ICAEW we operate an outputs-based approach to CPD and recommend that you take the following approach to your CPD requirements: reflect, act, impact, declare.

ICAEW does not dictate centrally how much CPD members must do. There are no set hours or points to gain. Members are required to complete as much development activity that they judge is required to remain efficient in their role.

Here is just some of what ICAEW offers to help support and contribute to your CPD:

  • join an ICAEW Faculty - centres of technical excellence offering exclusive content, events and webinars customised for your sector and supporting your continuing professional development;
  • attend CPD training – created specifically for accounting, business and finance professionals;
  • we run a number of conferences, workshops, roundtables, seminars and webinars aimed specifically at business members, for further information on these events please email events.information@icaew.com;
  • many of the District Societies also run business events including annual technical updates and discussion groups;
  • sign up to our daily, weekly and monthly Insights email alerts for updates on the key issues in the profession, business and the wider economy;
  • access Bloomsbury Professional's Core Accounting and Tax Service for 60 titles from some of the country’s leading tax and accounting subject matter experts;
  • take a look at our guides, company profiles and an online catalogue of over 45,000 books and 59,000 indexed journals available from Library and Information Service;
  • our business resources pages are a gateway to a wide range of content. Access a range of business-focused support, advice and information from a range of sources from across ICAEW;
  • participate in the ICAEW communities – with over 72,000 users, covering a wide range of topics to help keep you updated with the latest news and insights.