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Our guide to CPD

We recommend that you take the following approach to your CPD requirements: reflect, act, impact and declare.


A quick guide to CPD

For an overview of CPD, download our quick guide.

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Consider your development needs and how you can meet them, and create a plan of action. Think about:

  • Expectations - what do others expect of you and what standards do you expect of yourself?
  • Changes - the main changes affecting you in your role
  • Responsibilities – what are the areas of responsibility for your role?
  • Environment - what are the main business environment issues for you? 
  • Knowledge gaps - what do you need to know about?

On reflection, you may decide that you do not need to do anything to meet your CPD needs if, for example, you are not currently working.


The following activities, if relevant to your role, could count as CPD:

  • Technical reading
  • Learning at work
  • Meetings with experts
  • Conferences
  • Courses and seminars
  • Online learning
  • Workshops with your peers
  • Reading magazines, newspapers and journals
  • Registering for updates and email alerts


Evaluate the effectiveness of what you have done. Are you satisfied that your actions have enabled you to meet your objectives, or do you need more work in this area?

Provide evidence

Every year some members are asked to provide evidence of their compliance. We recommend that you keep an online record of your CPD during the year so that you can submit this easily if required to do so.