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Seeking funding opportunities for your clients? Experiencing increased demand for advisory services, but struggling to find the time and resource? Look no further. The Adviser Funding Portal is built to empower you as a business adviser to navigate a finance landscape impacted by Brexit and pandemic uncertainty.

Swoop have utilised ground-breaking technology to provide simple, speedy and secure access to tailored funding opportunities for your clients including:

  • Loans, government-backed schemes like RLS, equity funding, grants and commercial mortgages
  • Access and comparison of the whole marketplace from over 1,000 funding providers
  • The ability to embrace the technological revolution by integrating Companies House and accountancy data so you can manage all your clients’ business finances in one place*
  • Utilise templates/tools – such as cash flow forecasts - to aid your clients’ applications

A team of experienced finance professionals made up of ex-underwriters, accountants and equity analysts are readily available to support you throughout the journey.

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How to access the Adviser Funding Portal from Swoop


Join the Practitioner Business Advisers community to gain access to the Adviser funding portal. Membership is free for members with a practising certificate.


Existing members of the Practitioner Business Advisers can register to access the funding portal now

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*All information stored on the platform is for your eyes only and no credit checks are run on your clients unless they have been submitted to a funding provider with your permission