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Frequently asked questions about fees.

If I have a query regarding my invoice, will I be chased for payment?
No. not while the query is being investigated. We have a record of all queries we receive and you will not be required to make a payment until your query is resolved.
If I withdraw my registration(s) am I still required to pay?
If you notify us before 31 January and can confirm you haven’t signed any audit reports or carried out any investment business advice in the current year, we can arrange for the invoice to be cancelled. After this date, your request will be considered based on the information you provide.
ICAEW uses various measures to calculate my fee, if one of these measures changed in future will this reduce my fee?

Not necessarily. As we operate a self-financing (income covers required cost) financial model for regulatory and assurance activity, the total cost of operations remains the same however the fee scales operate. Therefore the fee scales need to generate the same amount of total income whatever measures are used. For example, if trading names that are used to sign audit reports are not counted as an office for audit fee purposes, the cost in each area of the scale would have to increase.

Is there a link between member and PC fee payment and regulatory registrations?

If the member is a principal in a firm registered for audit, DPB (Investment Business), probate or is an insolvency practitioner, then not having ICAEW membership or a valid practising certificate could put their and their firm’s regulatory registration at risk.