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Practice Assurance definitions

Definitions relating to Practice Assurance regulations.



  • annual return

    The return sent to member firms and PC holders by ICAEW requesting information for the purposes of the PA scheme.


  • business days

    Normal working days excluding Saturdays, Sundays, Public and Bank holidays.


  • committee

    The committee appointed by Council in connection with the PA scheme.


  • PA contact principal

    A person appointed by the member firm to be the main point of contact with ICAEW for the purposes of the PA scheme and in connection with these regulations.

  • PA reviewer

    The person or persons appointed by ICAEW to visit member firms and PC member.

  • PA scheme

    The scheme, system or arrangements for the inspection, monitoring and review of the efficiency and competence of member firms and PC holders made under sub-clause 1(b) (viiiB) of the Supplemental Charter.

  • PA standards

    The principles-based standards issued in conjunction with the PA scheme.

  • PC holder

    A member holding a practising certificate.

  • PC member

    PC holder engaged in public practice in a firm which is not a member firm.


  • visit

    The visit to a member firm or PC member by a PA reviewer.

  • visit date

    The date or dates specified in the visit notice.

  • visit notice

    A notice specifying a date or dates for a visit served on the member firm or PC member; such notice may include a description (whether in specific or general terms) of the information and records required during the visit.