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Helpsheets and resources

Resources for firms accredited for probate.


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How to deal appropriately with vulnerable clients

Regulatory advice on when to seek accreditation for probate

Guidance identifies areas of good practice and includes individual risk factors.

Guidance on technical issues such as executorship, what can be done without a probate licence and at what point probate becomes contested.

Modernising intestacy rules

Preparing for Brexit

Spouses and civil partners are set to benefit from changes in the rules of intestacy. Here we explain the practical implications of dying without a will.

Find a range of resources to help prepare for Brexit, including technical guidance and The Ministry of Justice’s guidance for lawyers after a no-deal Brexit.

Is your firm still eligible to carry out probate work?

A seemingly straightforward change to your firm’s structure, or the appointment of a new principal in your firm, could mean your firm is no longer eligible to carry out probate work.

Regulatory updates

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Probate news

The latest probate technical guidance and best practice information from ICAEW's Professional Standards team.

Procedural forms

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Notifying a change of firm structure (withn 10 business days time limit)

Probate registry office certification requirements

It’s important to maintain your firm record accurately. An inaccurate or out of date firm record may constitute a misdescription of your firm. It could also lead to regulatory or disciplinary action. Download the notification forms and access your guide to maintaining your firm record.

We have been advised that some ICAEW accredited accountancy firms have experienced an issue with their probate registry not recognising them as being licensed or authorised to conduct probate work. To avoid any delays to your application we have been provided with this probate registry form for you to complete and enclose with your initial application.

Helpsheets and FAQs

Access helpsheets and frequently asked questions

Ethical considerations for probate practitioners

Probate and estate administration annual review checklist

 This helpsheet is intended for members with an ICAEW probate licence acting in a professional rather than a personal capacity herein after referred to as the probate practitioner.

To help your firm meet its regulatory or quality assurance requirements, access our annual review checklist to ensure you have covered everything.

Alternative Business Structures FAQs

Probate FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions around the subject of alternative business structures including regulation, relevance and what to consider before applying to become an ABS.

A list of frequently asked questions around the subject of probate including scope of the accreditation, eligibility and ongoing requirements.

HM Courts and Tribunals Service FAQs


HM Courts and Tribunals service has published a list of FAQs for probate practitioners (June 2020). The FAQs contain information on both online and paper applications, as well as IHT and other general queries.



Join a webinar

Probate webinar: what you need to know

If you are looking to apply for Probate accreditation, preparing for an ICAEW probate monitoring visit or would like to understand or update your knowledge on the regulations and how Practice Assurance applies to probate, this webinar does all three.