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Audit News February 2019

Welcome to Audit News 64, your regulatory update containing the latest technical guidance and best practice advice.

Brexit: UK guidance for auditors

Issued by BEIS and the FRC on 22 February 2019

BEIS and the FRC have issued five documents that set out the necessary steps all audit firms (large and small) should undertake to prepare for Brexit including no-deal outcomes.
These are available on the FRC website and include;

  • Guidance on auditor registration
  • A supporting decision tree
  • Briefing on third country registration
  • Guidance on accounting treatment
  • Guidance on applications of International Accounting Standards (IAS)

Audit compliance principals and all firm audit recognised individuals should be made aware of this guidance and take the necessary steps to ensure continuity of service for clients. Further commentary is available on our guidance page on Brexit for auditors.

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