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Practical audit support and guidance available to ICAEW auditors including the latest regulatory updates, webcasts and monitoring reports

Audit News

Audit News is your regulatory update containing the latest audit and assurance technical guidance and best practice advice. We email audit compliance principals and responsible individuals when a new issue of Audit News is available. Audit News is also available to all ICAEW members – please select the Audit and Assurance topic from your list of preferences and we will notify you by email when a new issue is available.


Audit Regulations and Guidance

Regulations and guidance for those working in the regulated area of audit in the UK, Ireland and the Crown Dependencies.

Stepping into the regulatory sphere

Members setting up in practice for the first time or firms moving into new areas of regulated work need to comply with a range of requirements, rules and regulations.

Changes in firm structure - please tell us within 10 business days

It’s important to maintain your firm record accurately. An inaccurate or out of date firm record may constitute a misdescription of your firm. It could also lead to regulatory or disciplinary action. This is particularly relevant for firms requiring registration for audit in Ireland where there are different ownership rules.

Audit guidance in response to Ukraine crisis

Support and guidance for audit firms in dealing with these exceptional circumstances.

Audit monitoring reports: inspect the results

Every year our quality assurance team looks back at the results of the last 12 months of audit monitoring reviews, covering the Big 4 to sole practitioners, and identifies areas for improvement and examples of good practice.

Audit monitoring FAQs

Access FAQs about our audit monitoring process

Check your eligibility status – stay alert

Audit eligibility is the sole responsibility of the audit firm. Please check your status.

Matters of Material Significance reportable to UK charity regulators

Guidance for auditors and independent examiners about the statutory duty to report any matters of significance to charity regulators in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

ICAEW training films

ICAEW training films provoke discussions and challenge mindsets about how to deal with difficult decisions and topical issues in business situations. With a focus on professional scepticism, ethics and everyday business challenges, ICAEW training films are being used by firms and companies around the world to support their in-house training and business development programmes.


Find a range of resources to help post Brexit, including technical guidance.

Reporting breaches of the FRC Ethical Standard

ICAEW-registered firms that do not audit PIEs need to make biannual notifications of any breaches of the Ethical Standard via the Breaches of the FRC Ethical Standard form.


Access summaries of the standards and practical resources such as factsheets, FAQs, model accounts, and eBooks


Webinar: Audit monitoring update

Watch our latest webinar which contains an introduction from the Chair of the Audit Registration Committee, Rama Krishnan. Rama discusses the role of the Audit Registration Committee, the sort of issues it sees and what tools are available to assist in improving audit practice. The second half of the webinar is presented by Kevin Sharman from our Quality Assurance team. Kevin discusses where firms could improve on current common issues and provides examples of best practice.

Insights from audit monitoring – webcasts

Access our new series of short webcasts which provide insights from our audit monitoring activities and tips for avoiding pitfalls. These cover topics such as Group audits, audit work on internal controls and fraud.

Helpsheets and model articles

Access technical helpsheets, ethical guidance and practice resources from ICAEW's Technical Advisory Service

Model articles

The Audit Regulations require a registered auditor to be controlled in a certain way. If the registered auditor is a company, it's possible that persons other than the named shareholder may have interests in the company’s shares. This could mean the company is no longer controlled in accordance with the Audit Regulations.

Directors need the appropriate powers to call for information about interests in shares, and disenfranchise shares if necessary. This will ensure the registered auditor continues to be controlled in accordance with the Audit Regulations. These model articles will help your firm include special provisions within its articles of association.

Further help

Technical and ethics advisory services

Our Technical Advisory Service provides advice on a wide range of subjects, including accounting, company law, charities and auditing

Financial Reporting Faculty

With significant changes on the horizon as a result of continuing developments in IFRS and UK GAAP, keeping up to date with the latest financial reporting changes is vital. The Financial Reporting Faculty (FRF) provides highly accessible and practical assistance on financial reporting issues to keep you informed.

Audit and Assurance Faculty

The Audit and Assurance Faculty is the professional and public interest voice of audit and assurance matters for ICAEW and a leading authority in its field. Internationally recognised as a source of expertise, the faculty influences regulation and standard setting and provides a range of resources to professionals. It also offers practical assistance in dealing with common audit and assurance problems.