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Doing the impossible with Power Query

Author: nomiS tsruH

Published: 15 Oct 2021

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As a follow up to a recent article on reversing text with Excel Simon shows another, potentially more straightforward method using Power Query.

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In a recent article, Liam Bastick looked at a Microsoft Research example that used the ability to reverse a text string as an example of the power of Excel's new LAMBDA() function. The Microsoft Research team had asserted that reversing text had previously been impossible in Excel without the use of some sort of programming code. Liam went on to show how existing Excel functions could indeed be used to reverse text, explaining and demonstrating the formula:


Just for completeness, I though it was worth showing another, potentially more straightforward method using Power Query.

Assuming that we want to reverse the text entered into a single Excel cell, we could create an Excel Table with a single column headed EntryText and a single data row containing the text that we want to reverse. We can then right-click in our Table and choose 'Get Data from Sheet…' to load our Table into the Power Query editor. We need to add a single step to our query by going to the Add Column Ribbon tab, General group and using Custom Column. We then need to type in the following formula, being careful with text case as Power Query is case sensitive:

= Text.Reverse([EntryText])

Although we might need to type in Text.Reverse and the round brackets (or use AutoComplete), we can double-click our column heading in the 'Available columns' list in the Custom Column dialog to enter [EntryText].

That's it. We just need to use Close & Load to load our Table back into an Excel worksheet where our original text will be in the first column and the reversed text in the second column.
So, if you do find that you have accidentally written a paragraph, or indeed an entire article, backwards, you now have three ways to sort the problem out.