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Apply for the Audit Qualification as an ICAEW member

If you are an ICAEW member and gained audit experience whilst you were a student qualifying within a registered auditor authorised to offer adequate audit training, prior to 2010, then it is possible that you will have previously submitted your audit experience to us with your training records, and thus have been granted the AQ automatically.

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Audit Qualification (AQ).

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We recommend that prior to completing the application form you contact our post qualification team on +44 (0)1908 248 250 to ensure you have not already been granted the qualification.

Please note - Audit experience gained during your training should have been documented with feedback and approval from the Authorised Individual and completed on a timely basis. It is no longer permissible to construct records retrospectively and therefore any audit experience should have been submitted to ICAEW within six month from the submission of your other training records to be permissible towards the AQ.

Post qualification experience can be counted for a period of 12 months immediately following your training agreement, after which any post qualification experience must be after you have been admitted to membership. 

Again we do not permit retrospective submissions of audit experience and any post qualification experience should be drawn from the previous five years.

Download the AQ application form

In order to apply for the Audit Qualification, members must complete the Audit Qualification application  form and return it to us.

If you need assistance with your application form, please download the Audit Qualification form guidance notes.