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KPIs features and articles

Read our latest features and articles on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Drive your decisions with data

Use data to make the best decisions, and don’t drown in numbers.

IoT to save waste

How businesses can save time and money and be more efficient.

Choosing the right KPIs

Lauren Razavi Business and Management ICAEW 17-05-2018

Finance professionals talk to Lauren Razavi about harnessing their company’s hidden depths for success.

KPI implementation

David Parmenter Business and Management ICAEW 08-02-2018

With the use of key performance indicator projects, it’s easy to be unsuccessful. David Parmenter discusses how businesses can avoid failure.

Indicating improvement

Business and Management ICAEW 05-02-2016

Paul Golden looks at how SMEs can get it right when it comes to selecting the most appropriate metrics or KPIs to ensure continued growth.

Overview of KPI's

Business Performance Management Community ICAEW 17-06-2014

Data and key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential business tools. KPIs help organisations understand how well they are performing in relation to their strategic goals and objectives. Data is the ‘raw material’ that feeds KPIs as well as any business intelligence project or data analysis.

Overview of BPM and strategy

Business Performance Management Community ICAEW 17-06-2014

Business performance management must be tightly aligned to the strategy of an organisation, or it will not be effective.

KPIs: time to abandon ship?

David Parmenter Business and Management ICAEW 10-09-2013

In his second article on performance management, David Parmenter asks whether its time to leave key performance indicators behind and adopt more radical measurements.

Abolishing the myths

David Parmenter Business and Management ICAEW 09-07-2013

Myths surrounding performance management are limiting the effectiveness of key performance indicators in business says David Parmenter, who sets out the facts.

Should we abandon key performance indicators?

David Parmenter explains why sticking rigidly to KPIs can lead to counter-productive decision making.

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