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Special report 65 - Smart reporting

The world is changing, and because of that, businesses and the people within them must change too. The fourth industrial revolution, the rise of technology and all the associated add-ons which that brings, is on the cusp of becoming reality; 5G networks, driverless cars and AI are likely to become evermore a part of working life. So whether we like it or not, change we must, and BAM will aim to be a part of that change process.

This special report will be a handy go-to guide for you – we take you through the latest techniques and thinking behind the new smart world with which CFOs, and aspiring CFOs, must contend. Presentations are a part of daily life – so learning the art of this key skill is vital, and will help you navigate many tough conversations and negotiations. Pages 29 and 31 detail the steps needed to develop presentation skills. 

Body language can be used to tell a lot of the story and convey a positive and enthusiastic vibe. But as so much is done remotely these days, building a human interaction is not always possible. This is when writing style becomes vital, and page 26 tells you what to avoid. Writing can also stimulate conversations, and conversations can lead to the results you want. Board packs can do just this. For your board, especially NEDs, the pack is vital to understanding the operations and performance of the business. So get it right. Page 15 shows how to avoid overloading board packs with too much information, and to refine the detail enough to get people excited.