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Deloitte doubles paid leave for non-birthing parents

As of 1 October, Deloitte employees will be able to take four weeks of paid leave as non-birthing parents

Often called paternity leave, the policy at the firm used to be two weeks of fully paid leave.

Deloitte said it wants to emphasise its support for working parents, as well as encourage its staff to take up the offer of leave. It noted that the number of those who currently do so is “disappointingly low”.

Dimple Agarwal, its managing partner for people and purpose, said Deloitte’s research found that increasing numbers of working fathers between the age of 24 and 40 are actively involved in day-to-day parenting, but that this wasn’t necessarily reflected in support from their employers.

“This promise to our Deloitte families is all part of our commitment to inclusion, where we are creating an environment of respect, dignity and belonging for all. What’s more, we’ve increased flexibility as to when and how this leave can be taken as we recognise that when it comes to family commitments, one size doesn’t fit all,” she said.

The parenting policy includes “any father, same-sex spouse or partner, civil partner or adopter”. Those who take it up can do so in two blocks, one within 56 days of the child’s birth and the other within the first year.

Agarwal added, “As we strive to improve gender diversity, both in our firm and society more broadly, we recognise a key reason why we have lacked women in senior roles is attrition at manager and senior manager grade when they typically start a family. Having seen a decline in our own female attrition in the last four years, we can further help women’s career progression by focusing on the support for the other parent.”

Deloitte pays both maternal and shared-parental leave for 16 weeks at full pay, and a further 10 at half pay.

PwC, EY, and KPMG all offer two weeks of fully paid paternity leave.


Originally published in Economia on 2 September 2019.