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Team talk

Learning to manage people with different strengths and weaknesses is key to getting the best from your staff. Here are six ways for those new to management to maximise team output – plus a few things to avoid.

1. Motivate

At the risk of stating the obvious, a team of happy and motivated people goes hand in hand with a higher level and quality of productivity. But how do you maintain it? An exciting and varied working day helps. Listening to staff requirements and taking on board their views is part of this process. Accommodating different team members’ wishes in terms of the roles they do in the team just makes good business sense; but you can go further.

Awarding bonuses is another option, although they must be given in such a way as to not be counterproductive. Many companies now offer flexible benefits to staff, such as dining discount cards or cycle to work schemes which give money off the purchase of a new bicycle. Team-building days with a strong social element are great for lifting the spirits too.

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