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Good governance is essential for the success of any charity. Read our resources and articles to find out the latest developments in this critical area.

Charity Fraud Awareness Week 2021


Charity Fraud Awareness Week is an annual event to raise awareness of fraud and cybercrime affecting the sector and to create a safe space for charities and their supporters to talk about fraud and share good practice.

Keep your charity safe


New helpsheet for charities on keeping themselves safe in the pandemic and beyond, issued in December 2020 by the Fraud Advisory Panel, the Charity Commission, the National Cyber Security Centre and others.

Serious incident reporting for charities

Reporting a modified audit or independent examination opinion as a serious incident to the relevant UK charity regulator.

Kreston Academies Benchmark Report 2019


The financial position of the sector has been challenging, but 2018 could probably best be described as a steady financial year in uncertain economic times. We have seen a slight decrease in the number of in-year deficits, and this is encouraging. Reserves are still falling but with deficits being lower on average than last year, the sector can now survive for longer than the 2-3 years that we extrapolated last year.

What to make of markets

Reality can differ depending upon your perception, and perceptions can change. At Ruffer we have never tried to predict the future, but to identify the key risks and protect our clients against them.

Updates on the development of the Charity Governance code

The Good Governance Code will be released later this summer, find out what developments there have been with it.