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Diversity in the boardroom

The FRC’s report on Board Diversity and Effectiveness in FTSE 350 Companies tries hard to read the numbers, but John Moulton concludes that diversity will not necessarily improve the bottom line

Audit needs to fight back

Columnist Jon Moulton argues that now is the time for the accounting profession to aggressively fight back. He says there is too much change being planned, too little resource to achieve it and too much damage to the UK as an attractive place to do business

Costs and benefits of law changes not clear

Why are the impacts of the government's massive list of proposed changes to audit, company law, governance and regulatory frameworks still not quantified? Jon Moulton believes the timetable for ''a lousy process" could see the proposals become law before the costs and any benefits are fully understood.


Faculty member organisations

The Corporate Finance Faculty’s professional network includes more than 7,000 members and more than 80 member organisations. More than 40 per cent of the faculty’s membership is from beyond ICAEW.