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Non-executive directors articles

Articles and feature from the ICAEW on the role and responsibilities of non-executive directors

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Taking on the role of ‘Non-Executive Director’… boards do need You!

The role of the Non-Executive Director (‘NED’) can be both challenging and rewarding, but it is important to know what you are getting into.

Why boards need to address the generation gap

James McMillan April 2021

As many governments have taken action to improve the gender diversity on boards, James McMillan, a Non-Executive Director of the Stockport Credit Union, believes that more needs to be done to attract younger people to these roles.

Does your board know how to make its net zero contribution?

28 January 2021: Delivering the UK's net zero ambition should be a priority for every board member – executive and non-executive director alike. Chapter Zero and ICAEW have come together to explain what net zero really means for businesses and their boards.

Become a non-executive director in the public sector

4 January 2021: ICAEW is running a webinar series on the important role non-executive directors play in the public sector and how chartered accountants can add valuable insight and gain rewarding experience via such roles.

Whats it like being a NED in the public sector

In the first of a series of articles and webinars on NEDs in the public sector, we talked to Heather Logan ACA to find out more about serving on the boards of public bodies in Scotland.

What’s it like being a NED in the public sector?

3 September: In the first of a series of articles and webinars on NEDs in the public sector, we talked to Heather Logan ACA to find out more about serving on the boards of public bodies in Scotland.

Overboard and overloaded in financial services: checklists for NEDs in banking, insurance and investment management

Non-executive directors need to manage their roles so they have the right amount of time for all the companies they serve, and time to develop themselves professionally.

Reducing the size of board packs

Zsuzsanna Schiff talks to Hitesh Patel, independent NED and chair of the ICAEW Insurance Committee about how to reduce the size of the board packs

Seven reasons why a board role can boost your career

There is a lot of focus on how to get non-executive director (NED) positions on corporate boards and the best way to build a portfolio career – but many professionals don’t realise the value of laying the groundwork for success at this level much earlier in their careers.

How to find the right NED

Oliver Cummings Business and Management March 2019

The right non-executive directors can bring great value to board meetings, but the wrong ones can bog an organisation down in a quagmire of corporate governance, says Oliver Cummings.

A look at the NED's changing role

After several business failures, the role of the non-executive director is coming under scrutiny

The collapse of Carillion: lessons for NEDs

Corporate Governance Community Corporate Governance Community Newsletter February 2018

In the wake of another large-scale corporate governance disaster, non-executives must present greater challenge in the boardroom to protect their companies and stakeholders

International NEDs

A board of directors must have the necessary diversity and experience relevant to the company’s business. Financial knowledge is clearly important, but there’s another area which is often ignored: international experience and understanding.

Better boardroom behaviour

Boards of directors are under pressure to scrutinise the risks, leadership and values of the financial institutions they oversee in more detail. Dawn Cowie looks at whether their approach is changing.

The appeal of being a NED

The risk-reward balance for non-executive directors has shifted. Dawn Cowie examines the regulatory and legal climate, and Colin Carnall weighs up the demands and enduring appeal of the role.

Starting as a non-executive director

Despite some of the bad publicity about risks versus rewards and the increasingly onerous responsibilities associated with being a non-executive director, it is still a worthwhile thing to do. January 2008.