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Non-executive directors articles

Articles and feature from the ICAEW on the role and responsibilities of non-executive directors

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Reducing the size of board packs

Zsuzsanna Schiff talks to Hitesh Patel, independent NED and chair of the ICAEW Insurance Committee about how to reduce the size of the board packs

Seven reasons why a board role can boost your career

There is a lot of focus on how to get non-executive director (NED) positions on corporate boards and the best way to build a portfolio career – but many professionals don’t realise the value of laying the groundwork for success at this level much earlier in their careers.

A look at the NED's changing role

After several business failures, the role of the non-executive director is coming under scrutiny

Assisting NEDs to help your business

Catherine Stalker May 2018

What does the world look like from the other side of the board table? Catherine Stalker looks at how executives can help non-executive directors do their jobs better.

The collapse of Carillion: lessons for NEDs

Corporate Governance Community February 2018

In the wake of another large-scale corporate governance disaster, non-executives must present greater challenge in the boardroom to protect their companies and stakeholders

Corporate Governance in a multi-national organisation

Beatriz Araujo, Joanna Hewitt, Isabel Carty September 2017

A practical look at the questions NEDs operating in multi-national organisations should be asking about how decisions are made and how authority is delegated at the subsidiary level.

NEDs and portfolio careers

David Craik January 2017

Non-executive directorships in the 21st century offer a challenging role – and that makes for an attractive career move. David Craik discovers how CFOs can best manoeuvre into position.

Business culture and the role of the NED

Boards have been charged with setting the tone for how their organisations conduct business. But what role should non-executives play in the process?

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