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ICAEW contributes to IFS Green Budget 2018

ICAEW provided its expert insights into the UK government's finances for the fourth time, when the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) published its Green Budget on 16 October 2018. Alongside hosting the launch at Chartered Accountants Hall, ICAEW has contributed two chapters examining the UK governments assets and defence spending.

IFS Green Budget

  • Analysis of the issues and challenges facing Philip Hammond as he prepares for the Budget.
  • ICAEW examines public sector assets, including WGA, alongside UK defence spending.
  • IFS looks at the outlook for public finances, including Brexit's impact on the labour market.

The much anticipated annual IFS and ICAEW analysis of the fiscal challenges facing the UK's Chancellor was published on 16 October 2018, before Philip Hammond outlines his Budget on 29 October.

ICAEW's analysis this year focuses on examining the public sector's assets, including an analysis of those accounted for in the Whole of Government Accounts and trends that can be seen since 2010. This chapter will look at fixed assets, such as infrastructure, as well as capital assets, such as investments.

The second chapter from the ICAEW, focuses on the defence sector, including analysis of its resources and finances, as well as procurement management and the strategic defence spending review.

IFS provides analysis of: the outlook and risks facing the UK public finances; options for the upcoming Spending Review; options for raising taxes; the impact of Brexit on the labour market; how the government spends its overseas aid budget; and home ownership among young people.

Find out more

ICAEW's Director of Public Sector, Ross Campbell, is hosting a live webinar on 25th October at 1pm joined by one of IFS' team of experts. The pair will give more insights into the Green Budget, as well as discuss the Chancellor's forthcoming Budget. They will also be answering questions from the audience.

Watch a recording of the launch event