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ICAEW action ahead of the Budget
Read more analysis by the ICAEW ahead of the Budget

In the months and weeks running up to the UK's last Budget ahead of the Brexit deadline, ICAEW has been actively engaged in examining the country's finances and policies.

Alongside writing to the chancellor and responding to government consultations, ICAEW has published research into UK business confidence, worked with the Fabian Society to examine the Labour party's spending choices and contributed to the IFS Green Budget.

ICAEW contributes to IFS Green Budget 2018
ICAEW has contributed its expert insight into the UK government's finances for the fourth time, in the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) Green Budget 2018. Alongside hosting the launch at Chartered Accountants Hall, ICAEW is provided two chapters examining the UK governments assets and defence spending.

ICAEW writes to chancellor, urging support for industry and coherent regulation, alongside Brexit support
In his annual letter to the chancellor ahead of the Budget, ICAEW's chief executive Michael Izza argued that while the government must provide organisations with clarity over the UK’s relationship with the EU, that further support is needed to promote the UK's competitiveness and enable innovation. He called for coordination in the creation and implementation of regulation, alongside independent monitoring, as well as for further action to be taken in support of industry and to address the skills gap.

ICAEW Rep 115/18: Budget Autumn 2018
ICAEW's Tax Faculty has responded to HM Treasury's invitation for comments ahead of the 2018 Budget. The response concludes that there should be no new policy initiatives on tax at this time. Attention should instead be given to enabling taxpayers easily to fulfil their obligations and to understand their entitlements. Coping with HMRC’s digital systems has been made more difficult by the number of policy changes.

Britain can’t escape a global trade war – so we have to stop it
ICAEW's public sector director, Ross Campbell, looks at the current US-China trade war and discusses its impliations in this CityAM article. "This Sino-American sneeze will mean the rest of the world coming down with something nasty – and the UK will be no exception," he argues.

UK's economic forecast remains sluggish
ICAEW published it's latest quarterly economic forecast for the UK on 14 September 2018. The research concludes that rollowing a weak start to 2018, the UK economy has seen a slight pick-up due to the weather and the World Cup. GDP growth in 2018 forecast at a sluggish 1.3%, but a modest improvement is expected in 2019

UK Business Confidence Monitor Q3 2018
The latest ICAEW Business Confidence Monitor (BCM) shows business confidence falling into negative territory in Q3, reflecting global trade disputes, Brexit divisions, slower domestic sales growth and concerns about increased regulations.

Can a Labour government balance the books?
In its last manifesto, the Labour Party pledged to bring the water, rail and energy sectors back into public ownership, while at the same time introducing a Fiscal Credibility Rule. But is it possible to do both and ensure the sound economic future of the UK? ICAEW has joined forces with the Fabian Society to explore the tough spending choices that would face a Corbyn government.