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Information for Better Markets reports

Access published reports in the Information for Better Markets series.

What's next for corporate reporting: time to decide?

What does the future of corporate reporting look like, what are the opportunities and challenges and where are the barriers to change? This report captures the views of key stakeholders on the topic, puts forward principal policy options and invites further debate.

Long-term investment and accounting

This report looks at the evidence on whether financial reporting encourages short-termism and asks whether it would be possible for financial reporting to provide better information on long-term performance.

IFRS reporting: lessons learned

Lessons learned from the EU's experience of using IFRS to provide insights and recommendations for jurisdictions considering using or extending the application of IFRS.

The Effects of Mandatory IFRS Adoption in the EU

The Effects of Mandatory IFRS Adoption in the EU: A Review of Empirical Research reviews academic research into the effects of mandatory adoption of IFRS in the EU and summarises what it tells us about the costs and benefits of adoption.

Reporting business risks

Reporting business Risks: Meeting Expectations analyses problems with risk reporting and recommends how it can be improved in practice.

Business models in accounting

This Information for Better Markets report argues that financial reporting should both reflect a firm’s business model and provide a reality check on the model and its execution (December 2010).

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