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IFBM conference 2019: The real effects of financial reporting

Video recordings and academic papers from the 2019 Information for Better Markets conference.

Conference overview drawingHow does financial reporting drive behaviour and what are the impacts? This thought-provoking question was the overarching theme for the 2019 IFBM conference, ICAEW’s flagship thought leadership event.

Examining the topics of innovation, financing, remuneration and revenue, the conference explored how financial reporting influences decisions taken by management, investors and other users, and the impact of these decisions on the wider economy and society.

Innovation: the real effects of financial reporting

Professor Ane Tamayo, London School of Economics, provides a general framework for thinking about issues related to innovation and disclosures, and highlights how academic research can contribute to the debate.

The response is from Steve Cooper, independent analyst.

Financing and investing: the real effects of financial reporting

Professor Catherine Shakespeare, University of Michigan Ross School of Business, gives an overview of how the financial reporting system affects the investment and financing decisions made by managers.

The response is from Karl Holmes, Cadence Advisory.

Remuneration: the real effects of financial reporting

Professor John Core, MIT Sloan School of Management, looks at the real effects of financial reporting and accounting quality on pay and incentives.

The response is from Peter Smith, Mercer.

The real effects of the new revenue accounting standard

Professor Christopher Napier, Royal Holloway University of London, considers what we know about the real effects of the new accounting standard on revenue.

The response is from Richard Veysey, PwC.

Drawings by Scriberia.