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FS Focus: July 2019

Martin Linstrom discusses virtual assistants transforming financial services, Shazia Azim & William Gibbons look at valuing liabilities using the matching adjustment under Solvency II and we look how senior financial services figures can create new responsible cultures and ideas

In this edition of FS Focus, we look at how senior figures in financial services can create new responsible cultures and ideas.

View our cover story: Being a responsible leader in the world of financial services
In the current climate, financial services leaders have huge personal responsibilities and pressures ranging from creating the right employment culture to creating diversity and using new technology properly. Here, we assess the pressures and potential of being a responsible leader and why it’s important

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The problems with the Monzo and Oaknorth ISA 
Monzo’s decision to offer customers access to an ISA provided by fellow UK challenger bank OakNorth has been met with a number of questions.A leading financial services expert explains why the latest savings offering is risky.  

With big data comes big responsibility
Managing big data is a huge talking point and undertaking in financial services. Here, the FS Faculty outlines key responsibility for firms.

Darrel Scott on IFRS 9, IFRS 17 and more
Darrel Scott, member of the International Accounting Standards Board, talks to Chris Evans.

I, Robot: The rise of virtual assistants in finance 
Virtual assistants are now handling millions of financial requests a year and transforming financial services. IPsoft’s Martin Linstrom explains why virtual assistants are here to stay.

Beating bias in the workplace
Grace Lordan looks at how biases in financial services can affect decision-making in hiring practices and project management.

The final countdown to IFRS 16 leases
There are only a few months before financial companies begin to report leases under a new reporting rule – IFRS 16. Nick Huber reports.

2020 Vision: Changes to your Financial Services Faculty
We are changing the way members can access the information and support they need through three new industry-focused, digitally-led memberships.

Are low interest rates helpful to economic growth?
David Smith asks if low interest rates help or hinder economic growth, asks David Smith.

Confluence of interest
The future of audit and the future of bank reporting could coalesce around a significant change, says John Mongelard.

The problem with passive shareholder voting
Recently, investors have started to embrace the idea that a broad-based indexing strategy is superior to picking stocks or active funds. Dorothy Lund examines the problems with passive shareholder voting.

Solvency II: the principles behind, and implications of using the matching adjustment (MA)
Shazia Azim and William Gibbons assess valuing liabilities using the matching adjustment under Solvency II.


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