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FS Focus: May 2019

Peter Wilson looks at the potential triggers for a downturn becoming next financial crisis, Rob Konowalchuk looks at the implications for data in IFRS 17 and Tom Lansdowne looks at why challengers break the rules in their desire to innovate

Cover story: Predicting a financial crisis
Is it really possible to predict a financial crisis? The Sunday Times’s David Smith explains why the global economic environment makes it nearly impossible to see into its future.

The dark side of financial innovation
Should we be worried about Fintech 3.0? This article also touches on cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, blockchain, P2P lending, crowdfunding, mobile payment systems and the shadow banking sector.

An exploration of cryptocurrencies
Taking from the context of two recent publications from the IFRS Interpretations Committee and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

How to be a successful challenger in financial services 
Why challengers break the rules in their desire to innovate and how, by bending outdated rules, you can transform your business while still retaining a genuine company culture.

What cybercrime actually looks like
Student mules, the Dark Web and online cybercriminal hire are just some other creative ways criminals have conned banks.

Digital challenges arising from IFRS 17
IFRS 17 implementation is considered digitally, and the inclusion for a data governance work programme.

Exploring economic growth stability
With strong US economic growth there is heavy focus on Donald Trump’s effect on the US, as well as ‘zombie’ companies, inflation, the slowdown in China, emerging markets and ‘black swan’ events.

How firms should tackle tax evasion
This is a growing concern. How is the landscape is changing? What does this mean for the tax profession? 

Igor Pejic: blockchain expert
Igor talks about blockchain and how the back-office technology could transform financial services. He explores cryptocurrencies, the banking sector’s digital shift and Silicon Valley giants entering the arena.

Operational resilience and outsourcing – what firms need to know
This article looks at the growing threat of cybercrime and how firms can better manage operational disruptions.

Protecting staff from misconduct
Professor Megan Reitz takes a look at what firms should be doing to protect staff and encourage them to speak up, including an explanation of the TRUTH Framework and stats published by the Banking Standards Board.

UK competition law post Brexit
Alan Davis of Pinsent Masons LLP looks at the future direction of UK competition law post-Brexit – as well as in the event of no deal being reached – with topics such as merger control, competition enforcement and state aid.

Why financial services firms should train ACAs
ICAEW’s client relationship manager Laura Barber discusses the importance of empowering your business with the ACA qualification.


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