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Networking is key to a successful and expanding career. Read our articles and guidance to find out how to best cultivate your contacts to develop your career.

The power of networking

In today’s business world, networking is the new canvassing. If the idea of endless cold calling is enough to send you back into full time employment, the good news is that developing a network of business contacts will yield far better results in the longer term.

Successful networking tips for interims

It is generally accepted that interim providers currently fill only three out of every ten interim assignments. The single most productive means of securing assignments is through referral and recommendation. This is often called 'the hidden job market'.



Use our guides, books, articles and links on personal impact, business etiquette and interpersonal skills to help you make a good impression and improve your networking skills.

Networking and influencing


Tips, guidance and case studies on how to build your network and influence people from EY.

Small-world networking to the interim

Network theory should provide a good opportunity for interim managers (IMs) to reach their potential clients. The theory suggests that by using a person that you know, you can reach anyone on earth through the people whom they and their contacts know.