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Is there really ‘Free Beer Tomorrow’ or has Sir Humphrey got the hump with the Creative Industries?

Arthur Bitter discovers that pubs aren’t the only businesses hit by national tax policy

As anyone who recalls the old BBC TV series ‘Yes Minister’ may have concluded, perhaps it is civil servants like ‘Sir Humphrey’ who really dictate policy and not the Government. A few decades later, BBC TV brought us ‘The Thick Of It’ where we were treated to modern day politics and Government ministers only interested in PR, damage limitation in the media, repetitive cliché recital and excessively using their party’s PR slogans.

I doubt the BBC will be making a series about modern day tax and The Enterprise Investment Scheme (although I have heard about a plan to do an EIS based Dragon’s Den style format by someone else recently) but, if they did, it might be an interesting insight into modern-day government.