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Accountancy and advisory

Find out how to expand the range of services you offer, digitally transform your practice and work as a virtual Finance Director.

Advising your clients

Advise your clients carefully on IR35

Navigating the new off-payroll working regulations that apply to private sector clients from 6 April 2020 can be tricky, especially if the ultimate engager is a medium or large company. Peter Rayney provides us with a definitive guide.

Alternative revenue streams

Virtual FD

Becoming a virtual FD

The latest Tech Essentials guide from ICAEW's Tech Faculty outlines the path to becoming a virtual FD, with case studies and a list of next steps included.

How to become a virtual FD

A guide from Xero that seeks to explain how to become a Virtual CFO and provide the valuable services to your clients.

Wills and estate planning

Introduction to Will Drafting for Accountants

A one day introductory course for accountants considering offering will drafting as a service. During the training there will be the opportunity to find out more about the will drafting software from Arken.Legal and discover how it can help streamline and automate the process of writing wills. Courses are running in London on 27 June and 28 October 2019.

Arken - Will writing software for accountants

Find out more about Arken software, created specifically for estate planning businesses to write Wills and associated documents for their clients. See it in action at the ICAEW course, an Introduction to Will Drafting for Accountants.

Modernising intestacy rules

Spouses and civil partners are set to benefit from changes in the rules of intestacy. Jane Netting explains the practical implications of dying without a will.

Drawing up a will

What happens to the wealth of a person who does not leave a will? What if their will cannot be found? Who does the remaining wealth go to? What happens if a person leaves their wealth to a partner who has died before them?

DPB Investment Business Licence

DPB compliance review

This helpsheet provides a checklist of matters firms need to address when they conduct an annual compliance review in accordance with ICAEW’s DPB (Investment Business) Handbook for licensed firms.

Personal financial planning and other alternative revenue streams

Retirement planning

Many people are comfortable with completing their own tax return. If your sources of income are relatively straightforward – arising from employment and some deposit account interest, for example – you will generally run into few difficulties. However, if your tax affairs are more complex you may be overpaying tax and not be aware of the fact.

Transforming your business

Going digital

Webinar: Digital technology is changing the accountancy profession

Recording of a June 2019 webinar on the move from a compliance accountancy practice to an advisory practice. Experts from ICAEW and Xero explain how by embracing digital technologies, compliance work becomes more efficient, and so allows firms to provide advisory services that command greater value.

Prepare for digital change

Digital transformation is the hot topic right now and new HMRC initiatives like MTD mean that digital change is a certainty that neither you nor your clients can avoid.

Preparing your practice for MTD

Agents will need to take steps to prepare both their own practices and their clients for the disruption that Making Tax Digital and digitalisation will cause to the market for accounting and tax services.

Value-based pricing

Value has to be the primary driver in setting a pricing strategy. This can then deliver both higher profits and improved customer satisfaction, say Andreas Hinterhuber and Evandro Pollono

Fee information

Technical helpsheet issued to help ICAEW members understand what information they need to provide to (potential) clients about fees and offers practical suggestions for dealing with a request for fee breakdown information.

Fee Disputes

This helpsheet is for anyone who does not agree with the fees their ICAEW Chartered Accountant has charged. It describes different situations in which you may find yourself in dispute with your accountant over fees and suggests what to do next.

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Procurement of software and smartphone apps

The article offers tips to companies on implementing protocols for the procurement of software and smartphone applications. Before making a purchase, firms are advised to have a clear definition of the problem to be solved by the use of the software. The request for proposal should be reviewed by multiple individuals at different levels of the organization for thoroughness, priorities and risks.

Predictions 2020: What's going to happen in cloud computing

Article looks at developments in cloud computing for 2020 as predicted by experts in the field.

The Changing roll of the CFO: being the leader of the finance function is more complicated than ever.

Article looks at two CFOs who discuss how their role has changed, particularly with reference to technology and robotic p[process automation.

Do you know what your firm sells?: A lack of clarity can be an enterprise killer for accountants

Redefine the range of services your firm offers, based on the market and evolving client needs.

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