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The latest issues concerning practices and sole practitioners.

Do you have a technical, ethics, AML or fraud enquiry?

Technical Advisory Services support ICAEW members, affiliates and students as well as staff in eligible firms with member firm access. We provide support on technical enquiries (excluding tax), plus ethics, anti-money laundering and fraud advice.

SME finance: building a brighter future

There is lots of activity and potential funding opportunities available across the current market. The Adviser Funding Portal and Swoop team can help match your client with the best funding solution for their business, as well as add value via the in-depth industry knowledge and expertise of dedicated Funding Managers.

Identifying funding opportunities for your clients

As a chartered accountant, you are uniquely placed to help your clients identify and secure any funding they might need, on competitive terms. But sometimes it can be difficult to know how best to identify funding opportunities for your clients. Having worked closely with both advisers and their clients, Swoop has found that keeping certain points in mind can help to facilitate the process.

Why not ask smarter questions?

Are you bored of the same old questions? So are your clients. Peter Kane of The BD Consultancy explores how we can ask smarter questions to improve relationship development and, ultimately, business success.

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