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Smart marketing for accountants

As of July 2020, we have hit a tipping point where over half of the world’s population is now on Social Media, 51%. Therefore, if you are not building social media into your marketing plans, both at a company level, but more importantly at a personal level, then you are missing out. Alex Low, change consultant at DLA ignite, explains more.

Marketing outcomes for 2021

I am not going to dwell on the last 6 months, we all know what has gone on. The focus is to be looking forward to 2021. Ask yourself this, what outcomes are you looking for in terms of your marketing? Remaining front of mind for your existing clients? Looking for new ones? Recruiting people into your business?

Define clear objectives

Having a clear objective for your outcomes will then drive what content you use to achieve those outcomes. 

The mechanics of social media

The great aspect of social media is the mechanics of what you need to do remain exactly the same: 

  1. Build a relevant network or audience, both at company and personal level. 
  2. Activate that network through engagement and content. e.g.  Likes, Comments and originating your own posts. 

Connect with your existing clients

If you want to stay front of mind for your existing clients, be sure to connect with them and then keep in touch by either looking at their profile on LinkedIn, liking some of their content.

Drive new business conversations

If you want to drive new business conversations, follow people you would like draw into your social proximity, engage with their content to make yourself known to them. Leverage a common connection for a referral. 21st Century Networking.

Attract future employees

For recruitment, give an insight into what it is like to work at your business. Consider how you may use Instagram for this. LinkedIn is rolling our Stories globally, which is a great way to give some “behind the scenes” narrative.

Use and follow hashtags

Make sure you are using and following hashtags to find different conversations on LinkedIn and Twitter (any social media platform for that matter).

Support with content management

To help you make your content work harder for you and take some of the heavy lifting I encourage you to check out www.trylately.com

Frequency is key

The key in all of this is to be consistently present online. By doing this, you will be constantly “meeting” people in the digital world. The key to is to take that conversation offline as quickly as possible – this has always been true and will remain so moving forwards. You cannot replace the human relationship, even if it starts online.

Hear more from Alex

Alex will be running a session on attracting and managing clients as part of the ICAEW Start Your Own Practice virtual workshop on 14 October. 

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