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Guilt-free feasting and splurging

ICAEW has come up with some practical ideas to help you #watchyourwaste.

A plate of carrot gnocchi

Gorge yourself

We throw away enough food to fill Wembley Stadium nine times every year. That's 7.2 million tonnes, and almost a fifth of the food we buy1. We challenged One Moorgate Place Executive Chef Adam Daniels to come up with two delicious recipes using food waste. Impress your dinner guests with these gourmet dishes – and then tell them 90% of what they just ate ordinarily ends up in the bin.

Bowls of apple, plum and blackberry pieces with quenelles of ice cream and big drops of custard

Photograph taken from above showing shopping items laid out neatly on a surface (life-jacket, first aid kit, sleeping bag, warm clothing, water bottle, baby-grow, etc.)

Shop 'til you drop

Give the gift of warmth, shelter or empowerment to a refugee. The people at Choose Love give you the opportunity to buy practical items (like tents, nappies and sleeping bags) for refugees, and 100% of profits go to refugees. Do your shopping, leave with nothing, and make the world a better place.


The 'Choose Love' shop front. 

Any suggestions?

If you've got any practical ways in which you can avoid or use waste in an innovative way, tell us your ideas.

1Statistics provided by Love Food Hate Waste.