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Company car tax

Expert commentary and practical guidance from ICAEW related to the taxation of company cars under the UK tax regime.

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Getting your financial models right

Financial models are vital tools in modern business, but are highly susceptible to being ruined by their creators' bad habits. ICAEW decided to turn this situation around by developing a new code of practice.

Webinar IFRS 16 Leases the impact

With IFRS 16 Leases being effective from 1 January 2019, this webinar will look at the wider commercial, economic, technological and demographic trends that could challenge the assumptions included in the lease standard.

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On the herding of cats

Professional service firms are composed of experts who prize their autonomy. In this context, leadership must be a collective endeavor.

Basel III marathon ends but capital race is far from over

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has put pen to paper in finalising the international set of banking regulations known as Basel III, giving capital markets some long-awaited clarity on the way in which banks should model for risk.

Blogs and discussion

Our blogging platform gives Academia and Education Community members the opportunity to interact with colleagues and professionals on issues concerning accountancy education, qualifications, lifelong learning and research. You can also found out about the latest events relevant to the community.

Retail and Leisure Market Analysis 2018

This report uses the Local Data Company’s extensive data of over 650,000 premises to gain a deep understanding of the complex and rapidly developing trends across the UK’s high streets, shopping centres and retail parks over the 12 months of 2018.

Assessing and controlling nonprofit fraud risk

Nonprofit organizations can deter fraud and safeguard assets with a few properly applied controls.

Balancing blockchain hype with reality

Blockchain could make the construction sector more efficient and transparent - but implementation costs remain high.

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