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TAXconnect T&Cs

Please see below for the complete set of terms and conditions for TAXconnect.

  1. Consultants will help a member to resolve a tax problem by giving up to 15 minutes advice for a nominal charge of £25 plus VAT. If additional advice is required it will be the subject of a normal commercial arrangement between the consultant and the member on mutually agreed terms.
  2. When becoming a consultant you are agreeing to ICAEW using your personal data to publicise your participation in the scheme.
  3. The scheme will be conducted under the rules and spirit of ICAEW's ethical guidelines. Faculty members are expected to be reasonable and responsible in the amount of use they make of the scheme and it is not intended to replace normal consultation procedures for mainstream tax work.
  4. Users of the scheme are expected to settle the relevant account promptly, preferably by return. A consultant has the ultimate right to decline to give further advice under the scheme if he or she believes a member is misusing it, reporting details to the faculty; similarly, members should report any problems they may experience. Consultants may check with faculty staff that enquirers are faculty members.
  5. The conduct of business under the scheme is entirely a matter between the consultant and the member seeking advice. Each of the ICAEW, the Tax Faculty, and separately any consultant giving advice under the scheme, shall not be liable for any loss or damage which may be suffered by any person acting or refraining from acting as a result of advice given under the scheme. The member seeking advice under the scheme agrees that he or she will not take legal action to recover any such loss from a consultant or authority described in this paragraph.
  6. There is no data relationship between ICAEW and the consultant or users of the scheme.
  7. To use the register, find the main subject area of concern and select a consultant listed under that heading. Your query can then be put to the consultant, initially by telephone or, if appropriate, by email. It is important to identify yourself as a member of the Tax Faculty before putting your query to a consultant.
  8. In compiling this register, every effort has been made to achieve a sensible balance in the list of areas of tax interest. The headings used will be kept under review. Any difficulties experienced with the scheme should be reported to the faculty.
  9. While all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the information in this directory is correct at the time of going to press, the faculty cannot be held liable for any changes affecting the accuracy of the information after it has appeared in print. The arrangements for the scheme will be reviewed periodically.