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Artificial intelligence webinars

View our webinar recordings covering the topic of artificial intelligence (AI).

Business resilience

This webinar from the Business and Management Faculty will explore business resilience and getting it right.

Practical applications of AI

There is a lot of hype about AI at the moment, but to what extent are accountants really making use of AI?

How technology is transforming audit

Technology is transforming audit.

What happens when everything generates data?

The internet of things, where sensors are integrated into many kinds of objects, is growing rapidly. This webinar explores how finance professionals can take advantage of this powerful technology.

Ethical use of big data in Financial Services

January 2020

Gain an insight into this emerging risk and opportunity for financial services firms and understand practical principles for exploring the possibilities in an ethical way

Bitesize briefing | Technology in corporate reporting

Discover how new technologies such as XBRL, Blockchain and AI might impact the world of corporate reporting.

The ABCDs of accountancy and technology

Join ICAEW’s Kirstin Gillon and David Lyford-Smith as they walk you through the essentials of the four major technology trends affecting accountants today: AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Data.

Getting started with RPA - pilot projects

Alison Spottiswoode, Tim Grassam September 2018

Alison Spottiswoode and Tim Grassam, from RPA software provider Blue Prism, offer practical insights into how to set up and run pilot robotic process automation projects in your organisation, drawing on the firm's 10 years of experience.

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