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Call for comments - How to review a spreadsheet

Author: David Lyford-Smith

Published: 24 May 2021

ICAEW’s Excel Community, creators of the Twenty Principles for Good Spreadsheet Practice, Spreadsheet Competency Framework, and the Financial Modelling Code, are proud to announce the next in their series of thought leadership publications centred around how to use spreadsheets safely and effectively.

Planned for publication later this year, How to Review a Spreadsheet is intended as a general introduction to how to assess a spreadsheet – your own or someone else’s – for its accuracy, consistency, and quality. It is intended as a guide for getting started if you haven’t had a formal process for reviewing spreadsheets before, but recognise the importance of review to a quality final product.

Today we are publishing our current draft for comments. This was written by Excel Community volunteer John Tennent, with significant input from a wide range of our other volunteer members, industry experts, and others. We aim to publish the paper in September 2021, and want this to be as good as possible – so with that aim in mind, today we are releasing an exposure draft for your comments.

We are particularly interested in hearing comments on the content of this draft – i.e. whether we have described a complete and effective plan for how to review a spreadsheet. Comments on how the guide is written and if it is clear are also very helpful.

You can download the exposure draft here. Please send any comments or suggestions to david.lyford-smith@icaew.com. The public comment window will close on Friday, July 16th.

You can find out more about the Excel Community and its work here.

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