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News, opinion pieces, legislations and best practices aimed at helping members make better use of their IT in their businesses and those of their clients.

Business software

Data analytics software for business

The recent pace of technological changes and increasing volumes of data being dealt with, has created a need for finance professionals to be able to manipulate and analyse data to aid in-depth insights, improve financial reporting and ultimately facilitate better business decision making.

Practice management guide

The main benefits of incorporating a practice management tool in accounting firms include being able to plan and monitor work tasks, as well as forecasting fees from clients and flagging any monies outstanding.

Office software

Using Outlook effectively: 2 – tasks

Most accountants use Outlook for emails but often overlook the tasks feature. Making the most of tasks saves time, repetition and the fear of forgetting something.

Using Outlook: 1 – the calendar

Most accountants use Outlook for most of their appointments but few know how powerful the calendar function really is. This first in a series of three articles on using Outlook (2007) effectively focuses on how to make use of this function.

The importance of Excel to the financial system

Excel is critically important to the whole financial system. The opportunities to improve the productivity and reliability of so many business processes mean that it really is worth investing the intellectual effort in becoming proficient in the use of Excel.

Renewed content and upcoming events 2021

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Finance in a digital world

Finance in a Digital World

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